We created townsoup, a mobile app, to solve a common problem: finding unique places nearby. By leveraging technology and curating content, our solution is elegant, straight-forward and functional.

We not only help small businesses get found; we also provide tools to better engage people and convert them into customers.

Let’s take a tour of townsoup…


Our Story

Our name is our mission.

The word t.o.w.n. stands for “try out what’s nearby”; while s.o.u.p. stands for “support our unique places”.

Our backgrounds are in small business and marketing; from retail to hospitality, we are advocates for unique places and towns.

We created townsoup to connect consumers to you in a meaningful and modern method.


The App

Our app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is free to download.

By enabling location services, users will see unique places and towns within their proximity.

While using the townsoup app, users can explore unique places in more detail, connect with their social media accounts, redeem unique deals and more.


Your Business

We hope to earn your trust.

We provide your business with a complimentary profile to build from.  This includes an image of your logo, contact information and a pin on the townsoup map.

Become a member and increase your exposure and engagement to customers.


Your Customers

The townsoup app is designed to be user-friendly and straight-forward.

We have created icon-driven categories to make finding unique places smarter and simpler.

From your membership profile, customers can visit your social media accounts directly and redeem exclusive deals that build loyalty.




We understand that your needs vary when it comes to marketing your business. Choose a solution that fits your goals.



Empower your social media and offer a deal.

$199 Annually



Add an image gallery and three consecutive deals plus your social media.

$299 Annually



Fully loaded, featured in our "Town Preview", 15 second profile video, seven consecutive deals, your social media and inclusion on our YouTube Channel!

$399 Annually